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On November 1, 1975, my father purchased a new Jensen-Healey 4 speed #18570. The 5 speeds were available but they were about $1,000 more and the 4 speed was already more its contemporaries at the time - the Fiat Spyder 2000 and Alfa-Romeo Spyder. The car has been within the family ever since. Just about everything bad that has ever happened to me in a car has happened in this car but I still love it. I had the transmission get stuck in gear less than 1 hour after I got my driver's license, had the engine blow (it wasn't my fault - I think that the nuts on the inside of the airbox got loose and got ingested into the engine), had my first accident and been stuck at least two other times - one when the carb float got stuck and dumped gasoline all over the engine and the other when the fuel pump stopped. Starting in 1994, I have been restoring the car restored in various stages. Since the car has always been garaged, it is very good condition, especially for a New Jersey car. The car now has about 44,000 miles and is waiting for its new engine.

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engine rebuild of 1995
interior restoration of 1996
engine rebuild of 1997-98
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